"When he walked in I new something wasn't right. I sent an alert using the stay alert app and within a minute or less, our security team arrived. A weapon and a note threatening to attack our facility was found. I know the stay alert app stopped the attack and saved lives. I have a new sense of awareness and a new tool to keep us safe" Harold Wells - CFC  


Stay Alert for businesses

The American workplace faces challenges like never before. Workplace violence continues and new methodologies are needed to identify and prevent violent acts before they begin.

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Stay Alert for places of worship

60% of churches and places of worship do not have a security process, or program in place. Give your parishioners a tool they can use to assist in stopping the threat, or attack before it begins without jeopardizing their own personal safety in the process.

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Stay Alert for schools

American schools are charged with equipping our future. More is needed to protect our students and children. The Stay Alert - Alert Notification app, can enhance and assist in identifying stopping threats. 

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A new technology that provides a platform for identifying threats and preventing violence before it begins. 

Customized Alert Notification System software and app for businesses, schools and places of worship. A new technology that sends SPEED Alerts and Alert notifications in under 3 seconds (on average) to security, or designated personnel and designed to assist in identifying threats / potential threats and stop them before they begin.

 There is no perfect "stop all violence", or crime security system and the majority of security systems in place at businesses, schools and places of worship, across America, are designed to work when, during, or after a critical event - attack has already begun, even ended.


Imagine providing employees, teachers, faculty members, students, bus drivers, pastors, ministry leaders and parishioners, etc. with the ability to become part of the solution and stop an attack, or criminal event, before it begins, by sending an Alert, or Incident Report safely and securely, while having the ability to customize the StayA.L.E.R.T software and app to fit your organizations specific risks, operation, location and access.


This does not include other types of emergency situations that can be identified by using the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System.


Every user of the StayA.L.E.R.T system has its own control panel and specific access code for use by authorized security personnel, or designated users only. The special access code can be changed at any time through the client dashboard. ​


Clients can also track, trend and send reports for review to develop proactive risk management strategies to better enhance current security and safety practices and prevent future security breaches, or threats from occurring. 

What if an act of violence and or an attack could be identified and stopped before it begins?

What if your business, school, church, or place of worship's employees, students, or parishioners could send out an Alert, or Report in seconds to your security team, or designated individuals?

Imagine the extra set of eyes and ears, to assist in keeping your organization safe and secure. 

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Client Management System

The Stay Alert APP is supported by the Stay Alert CMS (Client Management System) 

The CMS is specially designed to work as the main operating system for the Stay Alert - Alert Notification System App, by providing five key....

  MACH 3 Alert Messaging System

The Stay Alert – Alert Notification System comes with the M3 messaging platform design.


This system is designed specifically for for the Stay Alert - ANS app, which increases the speed, dependability and accuracy of Alerts and Notifications sent.

Imagine sending an Alert, or emergency notification in under 2 seconds.

TAB (Threat Assessment Builder)


The Stay Alert - Alert Notification app comes with a new proactive tool that gives the user the opportunity to BUILD their own personal threat assessment profile (based on the clients specific needs) and send it directly....

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