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StayA.L.E.R.T stops individual from entering building with intent to carry out a child abduction.


Customizable mobile security technology, using a new proprietary QR code technology, customizable client management dashboard and app for protecting employees, customers, students, parishioners and others from threats, violence and attacks.

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and community relations

Why install the StayA.L.E.R.T software?

  • Client Management System to control and create a customized security system for the customers specific needs and dynamic


  • Stop threats before they carry out their plan

  • Reduce response time for calls made to law enforcement, or emergency services

  • Give individuals a tool to ease any fears of being injured, or losing their life while at school, work, or worship


  • Give individuals visiting your location the ability to send an ALERT, or REPORT to authorized individuals using a specialized QR code interface.


  • Gives students a greater sense of security while learning without fear of losing their life​​

  • A tool to assist in reducing losses from internal and external factors 

  • An security enhancement that can positively impact the lives of Americans at home and abroad

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