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Does your business, church, school, or organization have a plan in the event the unexpected occurs?

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"The number of threats is at a "whole other level" since Hamas' attack on Israel, adding, "I've never seen a time where all the threats, or so many of the threats, are all elevated all at exactly the same time."
Christopher Wray, Director FBI, December 5th 2023

Identify threats and communicate faster during critical events and emergencies. See how the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System help can today. 
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Click here to view the
StayA.L.E.R.T QR code video

Scan the QR code above, or to your right to see a sample live window open up that is used to send anonymous and non-anonymous alerts and information directly from any website, sign, or other platform in under 3 seconds using our Secure Scan2 enhanced QR Code technology.


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Click the button to the right or below if you are using a mobile device to view an actual recorded event on the StayA.L.E.R.T

Client Management System Dashboard.

Protecting American Corporations and Businesses

School classroom

Protecting American Schools and guarding Americas Future

Protecting American Churches and places of Worship

Election Day

Protecting the American Voting Process

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