Stay A.L.E.R.T  for churches and places of worship

People Want to Worship 

Where They Feel Safe

There was a time when people thought that a church or their designated place of worship was the safest place to be, however over the past several years, we have seen that no place is free from violent attacks.


How safe is it?

Have you ask yourself the question recently, "how safe am I while attending my place of worship?


Is there a security team, what happens if the unexpected occurs, is my church, or place of worship prepared?

Know your surroundings
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You never know

So many have said it would never happen at my church, or place of worship, only to find that they ere the next target. 

You never know when or if it will happen at your church, or place of worship

Remember, you never know

It doesn't matter

It doesn't matter what type of church, or place of worship you might attend, no one is exempt from target violence.


Does your church, or place of worship have a plan of escape, or process to address the unexpected?

No one is exempt


Churches and places of worship need a strong security presence, just like any other place where people assemble. Is your place of worship prepared for the unexpected?

60% of churches and places of worship do not have a security process, or program in place. Give your parishioners a tool they can use to assist in stopping the threat, or attack before it begins without jeopardizing their own personal safety in the process. 

Even if your church, or place of worship has a security team, uses off duty police officers, or has a structured security program in place, the Stay Alert software and app will be a welcomed addition and enhancement to your security efforts.