StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System for Schools

Protecting Americas future

School violence and risks to Americas future continues and in some cases in on the rise. Is your school prepared to deal with the increased risk to your students.



Many children experience the plague of bullying. Is there a reason why bullying still exists? The StayA.L.E.R.T software and app can help identify, stop and locate areas where bullying is occurring. 



Every time a student steps off a bus and onto school property, is that schools defenses and security protocol working correctly, or are there any gaps, or cracks needing repair? 

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Protecting our school buildings across America includes one of the most vulnerable locations of all. It should be a safe place for students to take time out and enjoy a meal without fear of harm.

Click "Rate your school's security" to review the document on evaluating your school's current security program

Security challenges in schools, colleges and universities across America still exist. Various measures have been installed to combat the continued violence and attacks against American schools. Alarms systems, training and early detection systems have been installed in an effort to the stop the violence, however it continues.


There is no perfect system to stop and deter all violent acts. With that said a new system with new technology has been designed and developed; the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System. 

This new platform is a game changer and designed for ease of use, quick response, dependability and speed. The SA system does not have the "bells and whistles" other designs and apps do, but thats ok, the SA software and app is head and shoulders above all others, because protecting our children and America's future is a priority.

Keeping our system up and running, protecting our schools most valuable asset (our children) and keeping our software free from the attacks of outside groups and individuals is more important than a stylish "trendy" looking piece of software.