What are people saying about the

Stay Alert - Alert Notification

Software and App?

"When he walked in I knew something wasn't right. I sent an alert using the stay alert app and within a minute or less, our security team arrived. A weapon and a note threatening to attack our facility was found. I know the stay alert software and app stopped the attack and saved lives. I have a new sense of awareness and a new tool to keep us safe" Harold Wells - CFC Group



"Yesterday the Stay Alert app was instrumental in identifying a potential threat to one of our children. An associate who was outside, noticed a stranger driving around in the parking lot for several minutes who appeared as though he was looking for someone, or checking out our building. The associate took a photograph of the vehicle and sent it along with an alert from the Stay Alert app. Another worker who received the alert, recognized the car from the photograph as being owned by the father of one of our children whose mother had a restraining order against him. We locked down the building, dialed 911 from app and immediately we were connected with our local law enforcement, who arrived on the scene quickly and ended up arresting the individual for communicating threats and resisting arrest. I believe the Stay Alert app was instrumental in protecting our precious little one. Thank you for designing the Stay Alert software and app and we plan on installing Stay Alert at our other locations"

M. Johnson - Lark Childcare Center Director




'It was a wise decision for our church to install the stay alert software and app. Our members, children and those who visit now have an extra layer of security and protection while attending services and activities I recommend churches consider installing the stay alert software and app to assist in identifying threats and stopping aggressive action before it begins.”

Howard McNeil, Senior Pastor Southside Baptist Church 



"I am glad our church made the decision to have Phil Collins come in and conduct a security and insurance assessment. His findings and recommendations to install security and safety updates including the installation of the Stay Alert software and app saved Christ Wesleyan thousands of dollars on our annual insurance premium. I highly recommend his services and the Stay Alert - Alert Notification System software and app at any church.”

Ken Klein, Senior Pastor Christ Wesleyan Church 




"Since installing the stay alert software and app, our organization has seen an increase in security awareness and your software has been instrumental in reducing shrink and identifying two potential threats to our property and customers that could have created serious risks, affecting employees and others. Thank you for presenting the software and app to our organization. We have an extra layer of protection that is appreciated" 

William Samuel - The Clairton Group Retail Developers