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The creator of the Stay Alert - Alert Notification System System app

National Sheriffs Association

Global Society of Homeland

and National Security Professionals

National Domestic Preparedness


Phil Collins is the the President and Founder of AMI Strategic Solutions, Inc.


Phil has 20 years experience in corporate security, safety, loss control and risk

management consulting.                


Phil has worked as a program and policy writer, a corporate communications and conflict management consultant, work as an independent national security analyst,and director of safety / health in various theaters of business. 

Phil holds the CHPP (Certified Homeland Protection Professional) certification -

designation. This certification is given to those who possess and has the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to be considered a professional in the area of homeland security / protection and is equipped to help organizations, schools, colleges, universities and places of worship, prevent, prepare for, protect against, respond too, mitigate and recover from all hazards, emergencies, active shooter - active attack events, terrorist attacks from within and without.

​​With 25 years’ experience in security, loss prevention and risk management

consulting the designer of the StayA.L.E.R.T software and app built the software with a proactive mindset, after experiencing a real time, active shooter event himself.


In January of 2017, Phil was nominated to join the Department of Homeland

Security's Homeland Security  Information Network.  Phil was approved and is

now a member of the HSIN.

Phil was also approved by the DHS for access to the DHS TripWire Incident

Management portal.


Business experience snapshot:


  • Church security consultant


  • Corporate trainer, program and policy writer,


  • Training the trainer, corporate communications and conflict management consultant,

  • Independent loss control specialist,

  • Corporate loss prevention specialist

  • Security analyst and consultant

  • Director of safety / health and Risk Management for various industries 

  • Internal affairs investigator.

  • Former Police chaplain 

Additional experience:


  • Currently an ordained minister with a major denomination

  • Former pastor


  • active shooter - active attack training and program development

  • writing various security and safety programs used for the sole intent of reducing losses in

  • designing workplace safety and security programs for OSHA compliance

  • developing / installing countermeasures to detect, deter and reduce losses from a wide variety of target factors.


Phil's passion, desire to make a difference, his experience and professional approach towards security, safety, work as a security - safety program developer, teacher, trainer and first hand experience responding to an actual active shooter event, makes the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification Systeall the more credible and poised to make a difference.

For more information about the Stay Alert - Alert Notification System App, Click here.

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