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As of this report, AMI Strategic Solutions, Inc (the parent company of

the Silent Voice app), is investigating reports that there are several groups working feverishly

to radicalize middle school and high school students into carrying out violence in their

schools shortly after the 2018-2019 `school year begins.


Many children, teens and young adults, will mimic and attempt to become what they

see at home, who they “hang with”, those they connect with on social media, the ones

they trust.


Pay close attention to the words,  actions and reactions of your  students, children,

grandchildren, etc., taking note of any changes that might lead to the discovery of

unhealthy influences.


We cannot afford to lose any more children to school violence.


As parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, educators,  professionals, etc., may we

become positive role models for Americas future.


More information will be forth coming on this subject as it is investigated and confirmed.

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