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TAB (Threat Assessment Builder)


The Stay Alert - Alert Notification app comes with a new proactive tool that gives the user the opportunity to BUILD their own personal threat assessment profile (based on the clients specific needs) and sends it directly to security, or other designated personnel. 

This state of the art tool gives the user a platform to take information they have obtained, or their observations and build a specific threat assessment profile, be it an individual, suspicious activity, a package, or other information considered to be a threat and send it out as an ALERT message, or specific report to a security team, or designated individual, for review and or respond.

All users have the ability to send alerts via the specially designed tap and send method, speaking the alert/message verbally, or by using the special pre-determined option.  

Photo Attachment

The Stay Alert - Alert Notification System app has an image attachment option that gives the user the opportunity of attaching specific images captured by the users built in camera.

Images can be assembled as part of the Threat Assessment process, or when sending specific Alerts, or messages.

The image can be inserted it into their personalized Threat Assessment Builder, and sent as additional information to assist the receiver of the Alert / Threat Assessment in properly responding and identifying any potential, or real time threats.

Stay Alert TAB screen shot.png
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