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How did he get in? A true story

Its 11:30 am Tuesday morning September 5th, 2018. It is time for lunch. The school has several school resource officers on staff. Students are sitting in the lunch room and notice an individual sitting alone at a table who seems out of place. He is older and to some he may be a parent, but something is not right. This individual is looking around nervously as though he is waiting for something. As he sits there students go about their routine of eating lunch, except for one who feels that something is about to happen. The student looks around for a teacher, or SRO, but none is to be found. He tries to remember how to notify someone but has no way to do it discreetly. So, he gets up and finds an SRO. The SRO returns with the student only to find the individual has left. The SRO notifies the other officers and the school goes into lockdown. The local PD is called and responds in 8 minutes. A search begins for the individual in and outside the building and surrounding area. A local church across the street has outside cameras and the police use them to identify the individual as he left the school and crossed the street in front of the church. Eventually the individual is located and arrested. He is found with 2 handguns and 100 rounds of ammunition. Why he didn't shoot has yet to be determined, however the fact remains, he was able to enter the school undetected, set in a crowded cafeteria for 10 minutes fully armed and left without being seen.  Had this real life story ended differently with the individual carrying out a mass shooting event, how many students would have died because one student was unable to notify someone during the 10 minute time period the potential shooter was sitting there alone?  You never know when the unexpected will occur. Is your school prepared and does it have additional tools to enhance current security protocol?

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