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The population is growing and let's face it.....the more people, the greater chance for more violence.

Are you prepared?

Active Shooter - Active Attack Awareness and Response

A very important part of the Stay Alert - Alert Notification System software and app, is that it gives your company, school, organization, etc., the ability to identify potential threats that may lead to extreme violence in the form of an active shooter event. 


The creator of the Stay Alert - Alert Notification System software and app, has also developed a program called the YouDefend Active Attack Response System.  This one of the most valuable training tools our clients receive as part of their decision to install the SA-ANS software and app.

As you already know, the StayAlert system is designed to stop the violence before it begins, however in the event the unexpected does occur, use StayAlert to send out a warning, then be prepared to respond. 


It is 10 am on any given day of the week and you are at your place of appointment, attendance, or work. Out of nowhere, shots ring out.  How would you respond? In many cases, people just freeze, becoming an open target for the shooter.

Before you read any further watch the video below.  It is graphic and heart wrenching, but what you are about to see occurs all to often and could change your life.













How would you react? 


You have 4 options:


Escape / evade

Hide (maybe)

Lay down on the floor (which is not a wise idea) hoping a bullet misses, you, or you can.......

Fight back


Most individuals would run, fall to the ground, run for cover somewhere in the building, find a room and lock the door, hoping for the best, which is a normal reaction, however over and over again this scenario is played out in real life with fatal consequences, 


What if several students are gathered together in a class room with no way out and it is just a matter of seconds before the room room is stormed by an armed assailant?  Is there any hope? Yes!


The YouDefend AA PRS, is the system of seeing the opportunity for defense by taking the offense.


You-Defend training works this way:


In the event of an direct threat, or attack; lets call it a Clear and Present Danger, can  work together through the YouDefend AA PRS, which could eliminate and or reduce the threat / threat of potential loss of life.


How is this accomplished? It takes training, working together and acting quickly.


Look at it this way:


In most attacks you will find that there is only 1-2  individuals attacking the many.


For example:


December 2nd, 2015: The attack on those inside a conference center during a holiday party in San Bernadino California. Here is what happened:

On the morning of the December 2 attack, Farook and Malik left their six-month-old daughter with Farook's mother at their Redlands home, telling her that they were going to a doctor's appointment.


Farook then attended a departmental event at the banquet room of the Inland Regional Center.


The event began as a semi-annual all-staff meeting and training event, and was in the process of transitioning into a department holiday party/luncheon when the shooting began.

Farook arrived at the departmental event at about 8:30 am and left midway through it at around 10:30 am, leaving a backpack containing explosives atop a table. Coworkers reported that Farook had been quiet for the duration of the event. He posed for photos with other coworkers.

Attackers enter conference center:

About 11 a.m., Mr. Syed Farook an employee who was attending the holiday party, returned with his wife, Ms. Malik. Dressed in combat gear, they entered the building’s east side, went into the conference room, opened fire, shooting and killing 14 and injuring 22. 


65 to 75 rounds were fired with assault rifles. A fire alarm was triggered, perhaps by a bullet, setting off the sprinklers.


Employees take shelter:

People in nearby buildings sheltered in place, remaining hidden in their offices for two hours. About 550 people work at the complex on a typical day, according to an employee.


Police arrive:

Within four minutes, the police began clearing the scene and evacuating the injured. They discovered an explosive on a table that had not detonated. Dozens of people fled and were directed by the police to a golf course across the street.


Attackers leave:

The suspects had escaped. They were seen leaving in a black S.U.V., according to witnesses.


Consider this......36 + individuals against 2 armed attackers equaled 14 dead + 22 injured. What if half of those killed or wounded, had received some type of training in a defensive technique making the odds more even?


For more information on the YouDefend AA PRS, call, AMI Strategic Solutions at 336-707-4683, click, or tap here to send us an email.