Election Day
New proprietary mobile security system for US elections
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Below is an example of the QR code initial reporting process
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The 2020 elections were filled with drama, accusations of fraud, tampering and challenges never seen before in modern day history. It literally divided our country and still does today.

Something has to change. We need protocols installed to preserve our sacred right to vote, protect the voting process and safeguard US elections for generations to come. Security enhancements are also needed to protect those working on the front lines inside and outside the voting precincts to insure those casting votes are counted correctly and the system works as designed.

A new system has arrived to assist in protecting the integrity of US elections. It is called the StayA.L.E.R.T Election Security Reporting System; ESRS for short. The ESRS is designed as a security enhancement to protect the voting process, the precinct workers and those voting.  







This simple easy to use security enhancement is precinct specific and gives supervisors, poll workers, poll watchers, even voters if the board of elections so chooses a new tool to quickly and securely alert designated election management personnel to any security breaches, voting irregularities, or attempted fraud. Alerts, messages and concerns can be sent by scanning the location specific QR code on the poll workers ID badge.


Once information is sent, it is received by designated election officials, or supervisors in under 3 seconds on average and the information is stored on an encrypted / secure web based, site specific administrative dashboard. No other system with the speed, accuracy and administrative support / reporting software exists to date. The ESRS comes with a 3 tiered backend defense system specially designed for the ESRS. 


Each voting location has its own secure ESRS designed for that location which can be set up in 3 hours or less depending on the size and staff of that location. For more information and to learn more about the complete ESRS software, click here.

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