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Combing QR code technology with a new security platform to provide a powerful new solution to securing your organization, employees, customers and more

Send Alerts, emergency notifications and more, in under 3 seconds

Introducing the new StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification Code technology

Recent events at business, schools and places of worship tell us that things have not changed and although new and increased security measures have been installed, the violence and attacks continue. Violence and threats are on the rise. There are actors in cities and communities across America with the intent to carry out threats and attacks, harming individuals and destroying property.

The StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification code that comes with the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System software and app, provides organizations with a new method of alert notification that is simple, fast and easy to use.

In the event of an emergency knowing time is of the essence and it will take several minutes for law enforcement or emergency personnel to respond to your call, the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification code that comes with the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System software and app can reduce response time to a threat, criminal event, emergency, or concern.


Now employees, customers and others who work at, or visit your office, store, or facility have an easy to use tool to assist in the reduction of shrink, internal/external losses, potential threats, concerns, or emergencies without having to download any software, or app.

If an employee, customer, or other individual observes a potential threat, security breach, or has a concern at your location and they have a mobile device that is equipped with a camera that can scan QR codes, just SCAN, TYPE, (or speak) and SEND. It's that simple. 

Imagine sending alerts, messages, or reports in under 3 seconds (on average) to security personnel, or authorized individuals. 

That's not all. What if your organization had the ability to provide employees and customers with a tool that could assist in the event of a medical emergency.


For example, lets say that a customer enters the restroom and finds another individual on the floor experiencing a medical emergency and your company has the StayA.L.E.R.T placard with the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification Code mounted on the wall. The customer scans the QR code, sends an ALERT and is able to stay with the individual. Although 911 is called, your organizations designated personnel is informed and responds accordingly.


Always Looking Every Ready To (respond)



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