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StayA.L.E.R.T for Retail Supermarkets and Grocers

Supermarkets and Grocers


Retail grocers are experiencing losses, not only in areas where shrink traditionally occurs; stores and corporations are finding that they too, are not exempt from extreme violent attacks and loss of life.

We know you are concerned about profits, reducing shrink and controlling losses, however would your store be prepared in the event a potential threat, security breach, or attack occurred outside, or inside one of your locations?

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Protecting employees and Customers

The StayA.L.E.R.T software and app is beneficial in protecting your two most valuable assets:

1. Your employees - associates and...

2.  Your customers

Are they proected?
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Protecting inventory and equipment

Your store spends hundreds of thousands of dollars in product, merchandising equipment, displays, shelving and much more to keep your store(s) appealing to your customers and community 

Are your tangible assetts secured?
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Protecting the building and parking

When customers drive to your location(s), the first thing they see is the parking lot and store front. Do employees working outside have the means to alert management to any concerns, or threats?

Is your parking lot secured?


In the event this happened, you know time is of the essence and it will take several minutes for law enforcement or emergency personnel to arrive. Now there is a tool to ALERT store management, employees, or designated individuals in under 3 seconds that a potential situation may exist.


The recommendation for using the StayA.L.E.R.T - Alert Notification System software and app in Retail Supermarkets and Grocers, comes in part from the designer of the software and app's 15 years’ experience in retail grocery beginning as a teenager working as a "bagboy" to working fulltime with a major supermarket chain as a corporate loss prevention specialist.

The StayA.L.E.R.T software and app can play a key role in reducing losses and identifying areas of concern, but more importantly, protect your 3 most valuable assets:


1.  employees.

2.  customers and

3.  property

Things are changing, the threats and risk to retail supermarkets and wholesale distributors is on the rise. There are actors in communities across America with the intent to carry out threats and attacks, harming customers and employees. IS YOUR COMPANY PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED?

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